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Klutch Wine

Klutch Wine's forward warehousing solutions are designed to deliver a host of advantages to both your business and your valued customers. By leveraging our services, you can experience lower delivery costs, faster and more reliable shipping, and less in-transit damage and slippage.


Forward Warehousing Solutions

Our temperature-controlled facilities are strategically situated in the heart of Chicago, just minutes away from your customers' locations, ensuring swift and efficient service. With a strong focus on safety and security, our operators manage a facility that safeguards your products.

Klutch Warehouse

Klutch Cargo's warehouse is liquor commission registered, temperature controlled, secured and CCTV monitored. We follow all safety and regulatory protocol to ensure your inventory is handled with the utmost care. 


Pick and Pack

Our dedicated team of trained technicians is equipped to handle all your needs. With an in-place quality management system, we maintain the highest standards of service and product integrity. Additionally, we offer kitting and custom packaging services to cater to your unique requirements, providing a comprehensive solution for your fastener company's supply chain needs.


Benefit from our negotiated carrier discounts, ensuring cost-effective transportation for your wine. Our strategic Midwest hub enables efficient national shipping, reducing transit times and costs. We also offer rush shipping and overnight delivery options for those time-sensitive shipments, providing the flexibility and speed your business demands.


Have a Wine Club?

Klutch Cargo will support your wine club by providing efficient fulfillment and shipping services, saving you time and money.

How it Works

Cut your shipping expenses using Klutch's forward warehousing model:

      1. Wine is produced at your winery 

      2. We ship it to your warehouse in Chicago, Illinois 

      3. Pallets are carefully stored at the proper temperature

      4. We pack and ship each order, by the bottle or case, directly to your customer within 24 hours 

      5. You save 25% or more on shipping costs

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