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We utilize eWMS for our warehouse management system. When integrated with your system, you will always know the status of your inventory. From the moment it arrives to the moment an order ships.

Our warehouse layout has been planned and designed to efficiently manage ecommerce fulfillment. 

Klutch Cargo’s storage best practices include collecting data and reporting analytics in real time.  Whenever possible, we use Direct-Putaway processes, with less staging and movement your product is less likely to be damaged and lost.

From Dynamic, to Direct, to Fixed-putaway methods, Kluch Cargo ensures that your inventory is efficiently stored in the right location.

Klutch Cargo can effectively deploy Piece Picking, Batch Picking or Zone picking - whatever works best to efficiently fulfill orders and get your products to your customers.

Proper packaging reduces damages, promotes costs efficiencies and means your products get into the hands of your customers quicker. 

The proper label is placed on the package and is ready for shipping.

We partner with all major carriers including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and UDS.

Customer places order through your website, sending the notification directly to us.

Package awaits a happy customer. Let's get started!

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