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Klutch Pharma

Klutch Pharma offers high-touch services that are tailored to the needs of Medical Foods and Pharmaceutical API manufacturers. Klutch Cargo follows FDA, GMP, ISO, and HACCP quality control standards to ensure safety, efficacy, and quality. 

Temperature-Controlled Storage

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Klutch Pharma offers specialized storage equipped with refrigeration, freezers, or temperature control systems to ensure that products are stored at the appropriate temperature.

Order Fulfillment

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Klutch Pharma offers customized order fulfillment services that include picking, packing, and shipping of Medical Foods products to their customers.

Regulatory Compliance

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Klutch Pharma's real-time logistics help companies to navigate regulatory guidelines, ensuring that their products are in compliance.

Transportation Management

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Klutch Pharma's transportation management services ensures products are transported safely, efficiently, and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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